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It is possible to create some amazing greeting cards at home just using your computer and printer. The simpler ones are just print and fold (and therefore really quick and easy, especially if you suddenly remember that it’s Auntie Bertha’s birthday tomorrow), but you can also get far more sophisticated ones – from special shaped cards to iris folding to pop-ups and much more. Just check out the variety on this page.

When I first started printing my own greeting cards, I just used a card that my printer would accept. This was better than paper since the card was not flimsy, but the colors were somewhat muted and dull. But then I discovered photo paper. What a difference! The colors are so much more vibrant and bright. The pictures just seem to sparkle. So I recommend when printing your own greeting card fronts, that you use good quality photo paper. You can still use colored card or patterned scrapbooking paper etc to mount the fronts onto.

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